Time can change many things but one thing that always shines through is the soul. Tolstoi knew this and so did Chekhov. So many people in the world become blinded by things that are not important. But we unlock the door to eternity through the things which are eternal, the door swings open and we see an unfolding beauty of grandchildren's laughter and flowers in the Spring.
The great challenges of the world sometimes seem to be found within the external, but in truth they are found within. For it is within that the resolve is made to truly love beyond time and space. It is within that courage is found when life is painful. It is within that we find the words that give more than hope, that give belief and faith to those who need it.
I hold you in my heart as a whole person. You do not have to be perfect to be loved or cared for. You are perfect in that you are you. When you revealed your heart and soul to me, I saw beyond the surface into the eternity of your being. This is about your wholeness. Some people will love fragments of you, the light, the darkness but I love all of you: the mistakes and the successes, the pain and the pleasure. This will last until the last mountain crumbles into the sea, until earth ceases to spin and the sun to shine.
You do not need to say that you are sorry. I think that my truth, my deepest truth is found within my soul and within my being. The words that I write reflect who I am, perhaps not a perfect mirror but a glimpse into the civilization of my being. I see a truth that transcends where we are today. I see a truth which goes beyond. We are one in our humanity and through our striving for social balance we can achieve it.
As I allow my heart, my mind to range across the face of the world, to peer into the light and darkness of humanity, I see that we can move beyond being simply nationalities upon a globe divided by land and sea. We can be truly brothers and sisters and create a world that is worthy of future generations.
I listen to my Czech artist friend talk about fame and I know that his art is truly magnificent. His art goes beyond the pale into the brilliant. For me, my heart strives in the direction of contribution to the whole. I give my mind to thoughts, that would bring us to one vision that allows for all children to fulfill their highest potential.

All too often humanity has lost the truth of its magnifence which is found within the varying shades and hues of a tapestry that is made up of a spectrum that exceeds the narrow minds of small town tyrants who wish for everything to be as they are.

We hold within our hearts, our minds, the ability to transform ourselves and in this transformation to alter the course of the world. We can fight and struggle to change others but the only true justice in such fights is when victory gives the vanquished the rights to individually be themselves. Battles may be fought over money, power, or land, but the only victory is when both sides are free to be more than they were before.

Each day as we awaken, if with our first thought we turn toward that which is greater than ourselves, the deepest beauty, the greatest love, then in this moment we unite ourselves with that which is truly good.

Let us begin each day with thanks that we have a day to do something good for ourselves but also for others. Let us use our minds and our hearts like two wings of a bird and through self-mastery take flight and demonstrate that we can build a better tommorrow in our hearts today.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is for all of us. Read this page and share it and know that you are one with everything. It is available in all languages of the world here

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