There are so many blessings that we cannot count them all. I give Thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened to me this year. There is so much beauty and joy. It is good to be able to change, to be able to grow. It is good to be able to love people even when they do things which are not demonstrative of love. Each time a person frees herself from self imposed bondage, it is a gift and a blessing to all others. The monkey mind is always leaping from branch to branch. We are wise to develop the human heart/mind as through this we will transcend and know the truth that there is only one source, one power at the root of all things. Some may know part of the sky, others may know all the constellations, but there is the North Star and this can guide you to heaven.
I am reminded of a story of a Minister who was having many challenges in her life. She was troubled and she went to the Master and told him about her difficulties. She felt that she was struggling to keep up with everything. She would talk to her intimates about the terrible difficulties she was having at work because she was the only woman and the rest were men and she said: "these men do not like a woman who can do this job." She told the master: "of course you are different because you are the master and you have a great heart, but these men....they are not like you." She then told about how her center was not growing and she told him about one of her clients. "He is a troubled man. I see it. He is not like you. He has great challenges and I see him work on them all the time and he says loving things and he does nice things for people, but terrible things have happened to him. I see him as a troubled man."
The master listened to her and said nothing and she finally stood up and said: "I will go now. I had hoped you would have something to say."
The master understood: "You come to me because you see me in love and kindness. You see me in perfection. You have spoken of your troubles and challenges and I understand they are hard. I see you as a perfect being. I see your center expanding like a holy spiral, love moving outward from the center. But just because I see this, does not mean that you see it. You speak of a man who comes to you for healing and you claim he is troubled and that you cannot see him. But the vision of love begins inside you. You must first go beyond your vision of yourself as troubled and then you will see him the same as you see me. It is all one. We are all one. Love is the glue that holds the universe together and the water that cleans and heals all wounds."
She left and meditated on what the Master had said and each time she saw the man whom she had thought was troubled, she said to herself: "love is within me and love is in this man. I see him in Perfection as God in action. We are all one." As she did this, she began to see him as herself and her heart began to open. One day she woke and looked in the mirror and saw the man she had thought was troubled and she felt deep love for herself, for him. She was no longer troubled. She was looking at the master. She was looking at the man. She was looking at herself.

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