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Love is the conscious decision to foster the spiritual growth of another being.   Spiritual friends are friends who encourage you upon your path to do good and be your highest self.  A Spiritual Friend is a good influence.  Spiritual friends believe in your highest self.  In Buddhism, one of the "three jewels" is the Sangha.  A Sangha is a spiritual community.  In DivineUnity we call this Fellowship. Fellowship is a community that shares and supports each other in spiritual growth. Members commonly seek a deeper understanding and demonstration of the Universal Principles of DivineUnity. A Fellowship might meet online in a chatroom such as TalkingCircle or in a physical building such as a church or center. A "Church" is the fellowship, meaning it is composed of people.  A sangha, fellowship or church is not a building but rather a group of people who are practicing their spiritual path together. This sharing and mutual support is a powerful means of spiritual development. Christ taught that "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name I will be there."    This is a principle that is shared in most of the Great Religions of the world. When two or more people come together and pray, focusing their attention on positive and loving transformation, then amazing things occur. The Power of Prayer is documented, whether Benny Hinn, Ron Roth or a mother praying for her child. The Power of Prayer has been proven to yield results where allopathic medicine has failed. This does not mean we do not use medicine. We should use all means to create better lives for ourselves. So why not begin learning the 7 Tools of Transformation now through

It is important for us to create spiritual community with loving people like ourselves.  As we reach out to each other and act as good influences through positive example and positive contributive actions, we create a better world for ourselves and all whom we come in contact with. 


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"A good spiritual friend (or Geshe) who will help us to stay on the positive path of compassion and Divine guidance. With MySpiritualFriend, I can discuss my difficulties frankly, sure of a compassionate response, and this provides an important support system which is often lacking in many relationships. Although people live and practice together, one-upmanship often comes between them. MySpiritulFriend is like my personal mountain guide. The spiritual path is like climbing a mountain: we don't really know what we will find at the summit. We have only heard that it is beautiful, everybody is happy there, the view is magnificent and the air unpolluted. If we have a guide who has already climbed the mountain, he can help us avoid falling into a crevasse, or slipping on loose stones, or getting off the path. The one common antidote for all our hindrances is noble friends and noble conversations, which are health food for the mind. "

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