Enjoying the Moments
We cannot escape the eternal NOW, so it is wise to learn to enjoy the moments. We can do this by choosing to focus on that which is good, beautiful and unique in each one. I have found that it helps to enjoy the summer for its heat and the winter for its cold. Notice how some are always longing for a different season and others find happiness in all seasons by seeing the unique nature of each one. For some who encounter a hot day in the desert, it is hardship. They feel the heat and feel oppressed. When they sit in the shade of the cottonwood, they do not feel that the shade is cooler than the heat that dances on the cactus in the sun; they can only feel the general heat so the shade holds no respite for them. But others can feel the heat of these days and are not oppressed perhaps because they remember the cold winter's wind slapping them with a bitter whip, they feel the heat and let go of the desire for the cool that is not there. When they sit in the shade and there is a mild breeze or no breeze at all, they do not feel oppressed because they focus on the what is, what is good, the difference between the shade and the sun filled space. They live within the moment practicing the presence of Good/God.
The bitter winter is quite the same in many ways as the heat of the desert day. We must only learn to treasure the heat that is within our breath and in those places where we are warmer than the blowing cold that encompasses the landscape, then we will be free of pain. Let us all be as beacons to others, showing them that all places and times can be filled with love and joy. Hold out your hand, take their hand in yours, give them your love and show them the strength that beats within your heart and this will give rise to a recognition of the strength that is inherent in their own. . Great Spirit flows through all things all the time. Our unity with Great Spirit is constant, it is only our perspective that ever separates us from God. It is only our failure to extend ourselves that ever separates us from each other. Compassion is found within the kind fostering of spiritual growth in another being. We may have been sheltered from the summer heat by an air-conditioner and from the winter cold by a heater, and we may not have been aware that there were children in the world who did not have such devices or whose parents could never afford them. Such children might be working for a dollar a day or less and we might have grown up never knowing that such lives were part of this world. But now as a citizens of the world, we are aware and in our awareness we must ask ourselves if we live alone in this world or in a community. We must learn to be centered within Love and enjoy the moments whether hot or cold and while being centered reach out with compassion and kindness to enfranchise and empower all people of the world. We recognize true Spiritual Strength within those people such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Ghandi. There is also Spiritual Strength in being aware of the challenges that face us, enjoying our lives to the fullest and applying our energy to create the most beautiful world for all children everywhere. If all children everywhere grow up loved and grow up free from hunger, from conditions of servitude, from conditions of exploitation, then our world will not be a world of war or exploitation filled with hunger or servitude and thus we can commune in our enjoyment with millions and know that the happiness found within our hearts has spiralled outward and filled the world with Good/God. This is why it is said that is better to Give than Receive because when you can give, when you are able to give, it means you are living in abundance and through your abundance centered consciousness you are creating and spiral of love that never ends. . The hunger of the spirit is filled with compassionate love and by being love we transcend. This does not mean to give up oneself. This means to become more oneself by being fully aware and choosing happiness and love for yourself and knowing that this state of mindful joyful being is yours by Divine Right and is the right of all beings everywhere. And by living within the knowledge of your Unity with God/Great Spirit then it is easy to understand the teaching that all our actions, thoughts and emotions positively place Divine Law in motion.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is for all of us. Read this page and share it and know that you are one with everything. It is available in all languages of the world here

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