There is a Well
There is well for you to come and drink from. It is a well of love that is always there. Nothing can can dry this well up, even in the midst of drought this well is here for you to drink from. There is a spring near the well which is the source of a stream and there is a waterfall under the stream. The waters of this well are always the perfect temperature, when you are feeling cold and you bath in the stream it warms you, when you are feeling hot and you stand under the waterfall it cools you. When you are thirsty and you drink from the well, it quenches your thirst. You may come to my well and drink or to my spring and bathe or stand beneath my water fall whenever you wish and I will tell you a secret. This well is also inside you because though it seems quite mystical there is an aquifer so vast and wide that it spans all the distance from me to you and provides you with all the waters of love that you need. Of course sometimes it seems easier to come to my well, sometimes it seems more expedient to bath in my stream or to stand beneath my waterfall of love, and you are welcome to do so anytime you wish or will. My love is deeper than you can see, vaster than you can conceive and longer than you can imagine and if eternity could be reduced to a single moment my love would traverse that moment and you would find yourself reknewed in another moment, filled with love and fresh and ready in a new life, a new dream and still there would be the well, the stream, the fall and the spring and you filled with my lovealways

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