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The Divine Science School
"This School of Metaphysical Christianity welcomes inquiries from interested people who seek Self-discovery, a clear understanding of the universal laws that affect their lives, and the experience of God's presence."

Divine Science Federation

Phone: 1 800 644 9680
Local Phone/FAX:
314 664 4143
3617 Wyoming Street
St. Louis, MO 63116

Northwoods Divine Science
Resource Center

Though primarily devoted to W.John Murray, this site has some other Public Domain New Thought works
The Murray Course in Divine Science

Brooks Divinity School
"Brooks Divinity School was founded one hundred years ago in 1898. The school offers a strong spiritual education emphasizing but not confined to the Judeo-Christian and
New Thought traditions."

Divine Science Ministers Association
Vision Statement: To unify and empower ministers in holding the consciousness and realization of eternal life, unconditional love, and divine substance for the Divine Science movement.

Nona Brooks Mysteries 1924- Still used as a Divine Science textbook
Nona Brooks
Divine Science and the Truth (Oct. 1898)

Agnes M. Lawson's Hints to Bible Study

Emmet Fox Speaks

United Divine Science Ministries
.. established February 1999 to train practitioners and ministers, teach Spiritual Law and a practical approach to organizing and running a church.

Coming Soon!!! An Independent Registry of New Thought Ministers and their webs.

Association of Creative Thought
This Divine Science/New Thought Campus offers a complete course of study with classes presented thoughout the year.

My Path of Truth
by Nicol C. Campbell
Our ministry invites you to use this Web site as a resource for living a God-centered and richly fulfilling spiritual life.An interfaith ministry drawing on the rich diversity of the world’s spiritual traditions.

Ministry Webs

The First Divine Science Church of Denver

Divine Science Community Center,
San Jose, California

When you want SOL
go to aLittleWeb

Divine Life Center

First Divine Science Church
of Belleville, IL

Valley Community Church,
Roanoke, VA

Church of Today
Baton Rouge

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